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ASOR Staff Directory

  • Full-time staff
  • Part-time staff and consultants:
    • Will Raynolds (Co-Director of ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives): willraynolds@asor.org
    • Hanan Charaf (Director for North African Cultural Heritage Projects): hanan.charaf@asor.org
    • Aida Ejroushi (Post-doctoral Cultural Heritage Fellow): aida.ejroushi@asor.org
    • Ahmad Emrage, Libya Programs Manager: ahmademrage@asor.org
    • Alia Fares (Manager for Sahel Cultural Heritage Projects): alia.fares@asor.org
    • ϲʿֱou Konate (Heritage Contractor for Mali)
    • Jean-Paul Koudougou (Sr. Heritage Advisor for Burkina Faso and the Sahel)
  • Compensated Editors and Editorial Staff
    • Billie Jean Collins (Managing Editor for JCS and NEA)
    • Jennie Ebeling (Academic Director of Friends of ASOR)
    • Marilyn Lundberg (Managing Editor, Maarav)
    • Jessica Nitschke (Editor, Ancient Near East Today)
    • Alexandra Whitsell (Manager Editor, BASOR)
    • BASOR editors: Susan Cohen, Marwan Kilani, Jana Mynářová, Regine Pruzsinszky
    • JCS editors: Paul Delnero, Petra Goedegebuure, Seth Richardson
    • NEA editor: Stephanie Budin
  • Interns
    • Erin Anderson
    • Eleanor Chatigny
    • Lucia Kustra