The following people have made planned gifts and are members of the Legacy Circle:

Susan Ackerman
Jeffrey A. Blakely
Emily Miller Bonney
Marcia Borowski
Oded Borowski
Vivian Bull*
Hanan Charaf
Marion Dana
Stevan Dana
Lynn Dodd
Ted Dodd
Debbie Fox
Sheldon Fox
Lawrence T. Geraty
Denise Gold
Sharon C. Herbert
Norma Kershaw*
Ann-Marie Knoblauch
Alina Levy
Tom Levy
P. E. MacAllister*
Carol Meyers
Eric Meyers
Bob Mullins
Kiersten Neumann
Jonathan Rosenbaum
Susan Rosenbaum
James F. Ross*
Marilyn Schaub*
R. Thomas Schaub*
Joe D. Seger
Wayne Russell Shepard
H. Katharine Sheeler
Carolyn Midkiff Strange
James F. Strange*
Andy Vaughn
Wendell W. Weir*
J. Edward Wright
Keeley Wright


Please contact ASOR Executive Director Andy Vaughn (703-789-9232) for more information about joining the Legacy Circle or to let ASOR know if you have already made such a gift. Please consult your attorney and estate planning professional as you consider any planned gift.