ASOR’s 2023 Annual Meeting will take place November 15–18 at the Hilton Chicago and online via Zoom. The meeting will be hybrid with both in-person and virtual participation over these dates.

The 2023 Annual Meeting will begin on Wednesday, November 15th.  The ASOR registration desks will be open from 12:00-8:30pm for in-person attendees to pick up their name badges. The Exhibit Hall will open at 4:00pm.  ASOR’s President and Executive Director will open the Annual Meeting at 7:00pm and Dr. Rubina Raja will give the Plenary Address.

Academic Sessions and Workshops will be held at the Hilton Chicago and via Zoom on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 8:20am to 6:25pm CST.

Changes and Cancellations Due to the Situation in Israel and Gaza
ASOR recognizes that there may be many changes to the academic program as a result of the conflict in Israel and Gaza. Impacted presenters may change the format of their presentation from in-person to virtual (via Zoom) by completing this before November 5.

Presenters who are unable to participate and need to cancel their presentations should send a message to (and copy with instructions to do one of the following options with their registration fees:
1. Apply the 2023 registration fees as a credit toward 2024 Annual Meeting registration
2. Apply the 2023 registration fees as a donation to ASOR
3. Refund the 2023 registration fees*

*Refunds will be processed as soon as possible following the 2023 Annual Meeting.

2023 Academic Program

2023 Program-at-a-Glance (updated November 1, 2023) – the downloadable PDF schedule of sessions and workshops.

(updated daily)
The complete academic program including sessions, presentation titles, authors, and abstracts.
Program Presenters:
  If you need to make any urgent changes to your program listing (i.e., in-person/virtual, presenter name, author affiliations, necessary content updates), please complete this brief form, .

Virtual Attendees | Registered Attendees can attend any session/workshop via Zoom using the . * Please note you will need to login into the prior to accessing the Schedule. Contact Jared Koller ( with any issues accessing the Virtual Schedule or ASOR Portal.

2023 ASOR Academic Program – PDF File (Updated November 8, 2023)
A downloadable and printable PDF file of the academic program with sessions, presentation titles, and author names.

2023 ASOR Abstract Booklet – PDF File (Updated November 8, 2023)
A downloadable and printable PDF file of the academic program with sessions, presentation titles, author names, and abstracts.

Due to the situation in Israel and Gaza, ASOR anticipates many changes that will impact sessions, presentations, and times. Please check the schedules posted on this page regularly for updates.

Business Meetings & Special Events

2023 Business Meetings & Special Events Schedule (updated November 11, 2023)

Field Museum: Lecture & First Kings Exhibit – Wednesday, November 15, 2023
Learn more and reserve  your ticket here.

ISAC Museum Reception – Saturday, November 18, 2023
Learn more and reserve your ticket here.

Please check this page often for the latest Annual Meeting updates.